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A Progressive Alamedan

I realized recently that I had neglected to post the good news here, that although I narrowly missed being elected delegate to the California Democratic Party, I managed to snag an appointment by representative Sandré Swanson. All of our local state and federal elected officials have a few slots for delegate appointments, so I'm grateful to have had this opportunity to continue my quest.

Action Alameda News

Shortform news items from and about the city of Alameda. "'News' is anything that anybody doesn't want somebody to know." We welcome letters from our readers. You can e-mail us at aanbletters@actionalameda.org

Alameda Free Library Blog

Book reviews from the staff at the Alameda Free Library. Check out their favorite books and thoughts about literature from a variety of genres.

Alameda Journal Blog

Life on the Island: Politics, school, commerce and distractions. Here you’ll find posts on Alameda almost (but not quite) every day. You’l also find links to other stories about Alameda published in the Alameda Journal.

Alameda Musings

Alameda is a charming island city and sometimes confused with the name of the county to which it belongs (Alameda!). Perhaps the city/county founders were so enamored of the name, they christened it twice (along the lines of New York, NY?) But I digress … As a long time resident, I have watched the city evolve over the years in an attempt to keep pace with the ever changing times. Whilst change can be good, it has certainly not been easy for Alameda as witnessed by the passionate debates over growth vs. preservation. This blog will attempt to chronicle some facets about life in Alameda and perhaps this might help explain why there is no other place quite like it in the entire bay area. I am at: alameda.blog@gmail.com

Alameda Point Environmental Report

Welcome to the Alameda Point Environmental Report covering environmental cleanup, parks, and open space issues at the former Naval Air Station – Alameda, in Alameda, California. The goal of this blog is to inform about environmental cleanup issues that are often weighed down by a mountain of technical data, and to bring more public awareness, and thus action, about the great potential for creating a legacy of public open space.

Alameda Point Info

We are an informal group of Alameda friends and neighbors who began sharing emails and links about the former Naval Air Station, the SunCal Corporation and its ballot initiative to redevelop Alameda Point. We were soon buried in information about it all. After putting in a lot of time and effort in finding answers to our questions, we decided to build a website and make it available to everyone in the community. We hope that you find it useful!

Alameda, CA Restaurants

The intention of this blog is for people to post their own food experiences or stories of restaurants, cafes or diners in Alameda, CA. One person could potentially eat at every single food establishment in Alameda since the city is still quite small, but I have not come across that special person just yet.

Berkeley Afoot

Walking can be a form of transportation, a means of meditation or exercise, or a great way to explore a community. Writer/photographer Keith Skinner offers intimate glimpses of Berkeley life, in word and image, as well as reflections on the joys and challenges of a modern urban walker.

Blogging Bayport Alameda

To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful. — Edward R. Murrow

Casa Decrepit

One of the most common sorts of questions we get about this house is its history. The house was built in 1876 by a man named Robert M. Holt, and is listed in the City of Alameda historical society as the Robert M. Holt House even though he doesn't live here any more. The style is Italianate, which is said like "ital-yan-ate" rather than the "ital-ee-ahn-tay" we hear a lot of people say. 1876 is the very very tail end of the Italianate period in Victorian houses, which was centered in the 1850's, so this house was very conservative in style when it was built. It was originally, like most Italianate houses, painted entirely white to look like stonework. Robert M. Holt was an architect/builder (they were the same thing back then) and built several other houses on the island, including a bunch of identical Victorians further down the island. At the time he built this house he owned the entire block and presumably several others that he developed.

In Alameda

This is an SFGate.com In Alameda Blog. These blog posts are not written or edited by SFGate or the San Francisco Chronicle. The authors are solely responsible for the content. Blog posts by Alamedans about events and news in their area.

Irene Walks Alameda

I fell in love with Alameda in 1974 on the first day we drove through the "Tube" on to Webster Street, and have been walking Alameda streets nearly every day since then. The city is a treat for the eyes and the imagination. Here is what I see...

Knife Catchers

A blog documenting the implosion of the largest housing bubble in US history, with a focus on Alameda real estate.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

One’s inclination when ones clothing catches fire is to run around waving their arms wildly to douse the flames. By slowing down and being mindful of our actions, it’s easy to remember to stop, drop and roll. Contact me at JKWBlog@gmail.com
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