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Piedmont Neighborhood News

Piedmont Neighborhood News is an informal news and editorial source for local, hometown information for Piedmont, California. Information on city events, youth sports, local activities, schools, parks, recreation, and council meetings. We also post opinion pieces on things that interest us, from local politics to environmental issues.

Today in Montclair

I’m excited to share what is happening around Montclair. We live in a place that is a “great escape,” in my humble opinion. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by peace, quiet, trees, deer, cool weather, morning fogs, and European-like vistas. Plus there are a handful of farm animals, squealing here in Oakland.Why am I blogging? Well, the opportunity caught my eye because I’m a typical dotcom executive. Also, I really enjoy the polyglot of humanity in our little neighborhood. It should be fun to share the everyday joys and woes of our community. When I think of this neighborhood, its mostly filled with people who care about what they are doing but don’t particularly care about appearances and being noticed! On the other hand, Montclair’s a place where shopkeepers recognize you and you’re easily “part of the community” whether you have kids, are single, retired, etc. So, expect to read about what really matters, like food, hiking, seeing movies, and saying hello to all the neighborhood dogs. Plus anything I overhear at the coffee shops is fair game. Cheers and welcome. -Debby (aka MontclairOak)
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