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A Mindful Life

First and foremost, understand that this is not a psychotherapy blog. Once I was a psychotherapist with a private practice in Austin, Texas. The blog began then and focused on psychology, therapy, and general well-being. When I moved to California in 2004, I moved on from the profession, and the blog became more personal in nature (although I try to cover my diverse interests). I’ve attempted to notify sites that linked to me as a therapist, but not all may have dropped my listing. There is a rising interest in the West in mindfulness, meditation, and Buddhism. At times, people reading this blog have mistaken me for a practitioner and claimed (or inferred) that because I use the word “mindful,” what I post here represents the face of Buddhism to the world.

Access Contra Costa

Access Contra Costa is about having a television presence in Contra Costa County. Access Contra Costa wants to create a community media center from already-designated capital funds paid by Comcast.

Ad Astra Per Aspera

To live content with small means; to seek elegance rather than luxury, and refinement rather than fashion; to be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not, rich; to listen to stars and birds, babes and sages, with open heart; to study hard; to think quietly, act frankly, talk gently, await occasions, hurry never; in a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious, grow up through the common -- this is my symphony. - William Henry Channing

Alameda Musings

Alameda is a charming island city and sometimes confused with the name of the county to which it belongs (Alameda!). Perhaps the city/county founders were so enamored of the name, they christened it twice (along the lines of New York, NY?) But I digress … As a long time resident, I have watched the city evolve over the years in an attempt to keep pace with the ever changing times. Whilst change can be good, it has certainly not been easy for Alameda as witnessed by the passionate debates over growth vs. preservation. This blog will attempt to chronicle some facets about life in Alameda and perhaps this might help explain why there is no other place quite like it in the entire bay area. I am at: alameda.blog@gmail.com

All About George

I work at Bay Area News Group-East Bay’s Contra Costa Times, a 160,000-circulation newspaper that covers much of San Francisco’s East Bay. As the Times’ online coordinator, I offer best-practices advice on blogging and social media, moderate site forums, polls and reader-generated content; and create a daily “link and load” list of daily-buzz stories for budgeting awareness. I was born and raised in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and earned a bachelor’s in mass communications (concentration in newspaper journalism) from Bowie State University. My first newspaper job (not counting several years as a Washington Post paperboy in Silver Spring, Md., and a year or so as editor-in-chief of Bowie State University’s Spectrum student newspaper) was a Chips Quinn Scholar internship at the Oakland Tribune. That led to schools and general-assignment/nightcops reporting stints with the Tri-Valley Herald in Pleasanton and a stint on ANG Newspapers’ universal copy desk as an editor and paginator; later came online copy-editor shifts at thestandard.com and salon.com. I joined the Times in 2001 as a copy editor and paginator and then as the paper’s first morning online reporter.

All I Know

Richard Friedman lives in Oakland, CA, works as a tech writer in Silicon Valley, is a Director of Other Minds, wrote his first computer program in 1962 for the IBM 650. It played dice. He is also a ham radio (AG6RF) operator, and he also takes a lot of photographs, composes music, and does a weekly radio program on KALW called Music From Other Minds. He is not Kinky.

Anna's Cool Finds

Anna lives in Mill Valley California and enjoys writing about her food and travel adventures in and out of Marin County. "...what I would like to capture aren't thoughts but the scent of my happiness!" - Jacques Henri Lartique "There is more to life than increasing its speed." - Mahatma Gandhi

Back to Oakland

When Anna and I were first dating in the mid-1970s we lived in Oakland and occasionally went dancing with friends from the theatre where we performed during the summer. (Woodminster Theatre in Joaquin Miller park.) There was a club down near the Oakland coliseum that allowed those of us who were not yet 21 to dance to the funky music that was popular in Oakland at that time. One of the groups setting the tone for the Eastbay music scene in the 1970s was Tower of Power. They released an album in 1974 called Back to Oakland, and when we decided to move back to our old stomping grounds, I thought it would be fitting to pay homage to that record by naming this humble blog after the album. There’s some good music on the disc. Check it out!

Berkeley Afoot

Walking can be a form of transportation, a means of meditation or exercise, or a great way to explore a community. Writer/photographer Keith Skinner offers intimate glimpses of Berkeley life, in word and image, as well as reflections on the joys and challenges of a modern urban walker.

Berkeley Blog

Sylvia Paull entered the technology revolution when she accidentally applied for a job with Software Ventures, developers of the first commercial telecom software for the Macintosh called MicroPhone. She was soon elected to the board of BMUG, started hosting parties for Will Hearst III, John C. Dvorak, and Jerry Pournelle at Comdex (a pre-blogger event), and eventually started her own parties, known as Cybersalons (www.berkeleycybersalon.com). An independent high-tech publicist and velvet feminist, she started Gracenet, a group for women in high tech (www.gracenet.net), and various other groups revolving around her desires to eat out, take long walks, and shake things up.

Burrito Justice

Burritos, taco trucks, The Mission, technology, Macs, iPhones, Canada — so much to discuss.

Casa Decrepit

One of the most common sorts of questions we get about this house is its history. The house was built in 1876 by a man named Robert M. Holt, and is listed in the City of Alameda historical society as the Robert M. Holt House even though he doesn't live here any more. The style is Italianate, which is said like "ital-yan-ate" rather than the "ital-ee-ahn-tay" we hear a lot of people say. 1876 is the very very tail end of the Italianate period in Victorian houses, which was centered in the 1850's, so this house was very conservative in style when it was built. It was originally, like most Italianate houses, painted entirely white to look like stonework. Robert M. Holt was an architect/builder (they were the same thing back then) and built several other houses on the island, including a bunch of identical Victorians further down the island. At the time he built this house he owned the entire block and presumably several others that he developed.

Christopher Null

Christopher Null has been an entertainment and technology writer and editor for more than 17 years. Null founded Filmcritic.com in 1995 and has worked as Editor-in-Chief of Mobile magazine, Editor-in-Chief of New Architect, Executive Editor of Smart Business (formerly PC Computing) magazine, and Managing Reviews Editor of LAN Times magazine. Today he can be found blogging daily for Yahoo! Tech. As a freelance and staff writer, Chris has penned entertainment, business, and high-tech pieces for Wired, Business 2.0, PC World, Men’s Journal, San Francisco Magazine, Yahoo! Internet Life, Working Woman, Maximum PC, The Austin Chronicle, The Austin American-Statesman, and numerous other publications.

Cyrus Farivar

Cyrus Farivar is a freelance technology journalist, a freelance radio reporter/producer, and is a wanderlust geek who lives in the city of Oakland, California. Previously, he has lived in Lyon (France), Saint-Louis (Senegal), Melbourne (Australia), and in a small village 20 km from Geneva (Switzerland). He is currently working on a book, The Internet of Elsewhere, about the history and effects of the Internet on different countries around the world, including Senegal, Iran, Estonia and South Korea. It is due out from Rutgers University Press in 2011. He regularly reports for National Public Radio, The World (WGBH/PRI/BBC), and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Ghost Town Farm

A child of back-to-the-land hippies, I grew up in rural Idaho and Washington State. I went to University of Washington in Seattle where I majored in Biology and English. I’ve had many odd jobs including: assassin bug handler, book editor, media projectionist, hamster oocyte collector, and most recently, free-lance journalist. I studied under Michael Pollan at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism for two years. My journalistic work reflects my interests–in farming, food, the environment, and culture. In a nutshell, I like to tell stories about people who follow unconventional paths.

Growing a Garden in Davis

Finding a quiet place to live... where I can learn more about myself, the world, and people around me through my passions...gardening, reading, learning and now...grandmothering!


This is one tag-driven blog, oh yes. (492, at last count). I suppose you could say I am one tag-driven writer, but in fact there are so many fascinating associations between all these great people and moments and the vast collection of asshats, the web is really tag heaven. I write, not for a living, thank god, but for my own sanity’s sake. To think, which is to say, to write your thinking is to order it and, usually, discover something new. Truth is, the outer situation improves not one bit … but the mind loves thinking, everything feels a tad more orderly and understood after the act of writing.

I Live Here: SF

i live here:SF is an open invitation to San Francisco residents to enjoy and participate in, sharing many facets of life in this city with each other and the world at large. The project was also featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Julie Michelle is one of the founding members of the photographic collective CALIBER. Her website is femmefotographie.com. Her writing and personal blog is julieliveshere.com. Julie is also the photographer for the band Magic Christian.

Infospigot: The Chronicles

Dan Brekke: "In the news business since 1972, longer now than some of my colleagues have been alive, and I'm still learning." One journalist's take on everyday life in the Bay Area.

Irene Walks Alameda

I fell in love with Alameda in 1974 on the first day we drove through the "Tube" on to Webster Street, and have been walking Alameda streets nearly every day since then. The city is a treat for the eyes and the imagination. Here is what I see...


We seek to promote and develop music, arts, and cultural activity in the San Francisco Bay metropolitan area with special focus upon the East Bay by reporting on selected events and activity as whim and whimsy offers.


Kristen enjoys working as a consultant dietitian in a variety of capacities including policy development for sustainable food and health initiatives at UC Berkeley, nutrition consulting for patients and care givers, menu planning at hospitals and child care centers, as well as creation of public relations materials for healthcare services. She originates from the Northern California coastline and received her BS in dietetics from UC Berkeley then went on to obtain a Masters in Human Nutrition from Arizona State University. Kristen resides in San Francisco where she enjoys exploring the local food scene on foot and experimenting with goods harvested nearby. She currently acts as President-Elect for the Bay Area Dietetics Association, eZine Editor for the Hunger and Environmental Nutrition subgroup of the American Dietetics Association, and Co-Chair for Slow Food East Bay. Kristen has a strong passion for nutrition and food sustainability and believes a healthy lifestyle necessitates the enjoyment of great food.

Myrtle Street Review

The Myrtle Street Review is a West Oakland-based blog about slightly sideways things. Or slightly sideways reactions to things. It is written by Susanna Varestus. You can send feedback and ideas for things to write about by email.

Oakland Effect

Blog documenting the impacts of violence in Oakland. Created by Scott Johnson, who is the Oakland Tribune's Violence Reporting Fellow, an investigative position funded by the California Endowment. Johnson will be with the Tribune for a full year, reporting on a wide range of issues, including those related to the impacts of violence on the mental health of Oakland residents.

SF Scene

Wanna know what's what in the San Francisco dance scene? Upcoming events, reviews, mix downloads and scenester gossip from the jaded gay DJ.

Susan Mernit's Blog

Susan Mernit is the founder of Oakland Local, a news & community hub for Oakland, CA focused on environmental, food, development and social justice issues, and the recipient of a 2009 New Voices grant from J-Lab at American University. She is also the consulting web strategist for The Center for Investigative Reporting's California Watch project. A former VP at AOL and Netscape, and a former Yahoo Senior Director, Mernit was the consulting program manager for The Knight News Challenge in 2008-09, as well as a consultant to organizations including Salon.com & TechSoup Global, where she led the re-design of their portal.

Tamale World

Living in a Tamale World cuz I am a Tamale Girl Tina Tamale Ramos' Life, Adventures and Projects in Oakland, CA.

Walking Fort Bragg

What do you see when you walk around Fort Bragg? Using his cellphone, Ron Bloomquist records his walking routes and captures photos of the Fort Bragg area, keeping track of new buildings, construction, and sidewalks.


I'm a writer, editor and Web site builder. My new book is Say Everything: How Blogging Began, What It's Becoming, and Why It Matters, now available from your preferred bookseller. I was co-founder of Salon, where I served as technology editor and later managing editor and VP/editorial operations for many years. I'm also author of the book Dreaming in Code.

Zennie 62

We cover it all, from politics to entertainment. Anything that goes on the Bay Area is on this blog. If you think we’re missing something, drop a line to any of our editors.
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