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This little blog turns six years old this week. I was being interviewed for a project recently and was trying to describe why I started my blog. At the time, there were very few food bloggers, and I started because I needed a creative outlet. I always thought that I didn't start with any specific purpose, but looking back at the beginning, it's obvious that I was destined to write about food and farmers and farmers markets. The most remarkable thing about starting Life Begins at 30 is how much it has infiltrated every part of my life. Even when I'm not writing here on a daily basis, things I do each day are some way related to the fact that I started this blog. When I sat down to write this post, I went through every blog post I've written to find my favorites. The posts you see quoted below may surprise you -- they are not necessarily the most popular, or the most important. But to me, they played an interesting part in the life of this blog. Thanks friends and readers. You are the reason this blog is still going.

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